Technology Logistics of Turkey

Established in 2006 in line with the investment plans of Index Grup, which set forth in 1989 with the vision of being “Turkey's Technology Source” and is today “Turkey’s Leading Information Technologies Distribution Group”, Teklos AŞ is active in the field of technology logistics. Teklos AŞ provides warehousing, domestic distribution and logistics management services in its 15,000 m2 logistics center located in the Şekerpınar region. In addition to warehousing and distribution services, Teklos AŞ offers all “door to door” services in the supply chain process from raw materials to consumption. Providing storage services of technology products, in-warehouse value-added services, stock management, distribution, return management, and service logistics as a whole, Teklos AŞ continues to introduce technology to Turkey by perpetually increasing its quality, speed and efficiency of logistics services in supply chains.

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