Our Services

As Teklos AŞ, we offer strong, profitable, efficient and qualified logistics services with a one-stop supply approach by constantly increasing the quality, speed and efficiency of logistics services within the supply chain.
Storage Services

We provide warehousing services that is the most basic process of logistics management at our strong logistics center having a capacity of 15,000 square meters, located at the Şekerpınar exit of the TEM highway, in the Şekerpınar region. Our “A Class” center has a large pallet racking area for palletized products and a large two-story mezzanine system storage area for small products. We monitor with hand terminals all processes, starting from the moment products of the world’s leading technology brands enter our warehouse, to placing the products on the shelves, collecting orders, packaging and loading them on delivery vehicles, and report them using warehouse management software. We also offer value-added services such as small-scale assemblies, tooling, catalog and warranty placement, in addition to repackaging at our logistics center.

Domestic Distribution

In order to respond to the demands of our business partners in the fastest, most efficient and qualified manner, we meticulously plan and implement every stage of the domestic distribution process, from the preparation of orders to their delivery to the demandant. Every morning we load the products prepared for shipment in our logistics center to our vehicles according to their shipping addresses and the planned departure times and set off for distribution. We track all the vehicles we use in distribution online with vehicle tracking system and deliver to more than 300 points per day. Ahead of delivery, we send information to our business partners about the delivery via SMS or e-mail. Regarding deliveries outside Istanbul, we work with the contracted cargo company in our logistics center.

Logistics Management

In today’s digital age, the significance of logistics management is becoming more and more critical every day. We closely follow all developments in the field of logistics and ensure transportation of products of leading global technology brands in our product portfolio, offer customs, storage qualified stock management, distribution, return management and service logistics for such products thanks to careful end-to-end planning. We provide services to all our business partners that we cooperate with in the framework of strategic partnership. We constantly improve our service quality and speed in logistics management, which is one of the most critical areas of supply chain, and offer strong, profitable, efficient and quality logistics services to our business partners.