The objective of our HR policy is to become a corporation appreciated and valued by all employees.

Main criteria of our HR policy are:

Reliable and Reputable

In all our conduct, we always pay strict attention to have high business ethics, be consistent and honest, fulfil our promises, respect others, claim and represent our corporation in every way.


We love overcoming challenges as a swift, dynamic and hardworking team. Focused on our objectives, we consider being cost leader as well as sector leader important. We drive results by achieving sustainable and measurable efficiency.

Competent Team

We are open to and value constant developments. We value learning fast, learning together and making progress as a team. We take responsibility for our work and results; we improve our competency to get results. We pay attention to achieving these by making life easier with positive and optimistic communication skills.


We make a point of being creative, flexible and seeking opportunities. We take measurable risks to create new areas for business, generate original ideas and take advantage of existing opportunities.

Available Positions

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General Application

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